Safety & Health
We believe the safety and well being of our team are absolutely critical. That’s why CRB is so committed to delivering the highest level of safety and compliance, striving to create a zero risk work environment for our employees while always meeting or exceeding state and federal regulatory compliance. By keeping our team safe, we keep downtime at a minimum and our customers’ operations moving forward.

Safety Performance:  CRB Piping has achieved top recognition for our safety record as well as dedication to an incident free work environment. As a company, we have gone approximately 12 years without an OSHA recordable incident/accident—something which is virtually unheard of in the industry. We also have an “Exceptional” rating from ISNetWorld, distinguishing us as one of the top pipeline leaders in safety and efficiency operations nationwide.

Our Safety Commitment:
• CRB is committed to providing the highest level of safety and compliance, adhering to all applicable OSHA, DOT and EPA standards.
• We encourage our employees to identify unsafe conditions and take steps to mitigate those conditions.
• Our Safety Trainers ensure that all employees are trained in basic safety and routinely evaluated for need of additional training.
• We perform routine safety inspections to confirm operational compliance with all environmental, health and safety regulations.

Protection of the environment and the health and safety of our community play an integral part in who we are. Our whole approach stems around integrating sustainable and economical practices and solutions–resulting in an environmental performance record like none other in our industry.

Our continuing goal is to demonstrate our dedication to sound environmental stewardship and community involvement while also benefiting you, our client, with greater efficiencies, innovative solutions, and less impact on our environment.